Peace protesters enter buffer zone

demilitarized nicosia

An anti-military march of Greek and Turkish Cypriots broke into the buffer zone in the old town of Nicosia on Saturday demanding the reunification and demilitarisation of Cyprus. Some 100 protesters marched from Sarai Square in northern Nicosia, through the Ledra Street crossing before breaking through a gate and walking into the buffer zone in the old town.

There was a bit of tension with UN soldiers who quickly lined up in an attempt to prevent them from going farther, but in general it was a peaceful event.The protesters remained in the area for around two hours, signing and chanting “Peace in Cyprus cannot be prevented.”

At one point some of the protesters started playing a game of football.The group said for the past 11 years organisations had been marching for a demilitarised Nicosia but this was only the second time a joint march had been held.

“We remain steadfast in our position for full demilitarisation of Cyprus,” a written statement said. “No army can guarantee security. Only jointly will Greek and Turkish Cypriots be able to consolidate security on the island.”

Cyprus Mail