Ruslan Kotsaba's statement

Ruslan Kotsaba's statement: "Good day, or evening for all who watch or hear me now. It happened that tomorrow it will be the next court hearing in my trial. In any case, will it end or not, will the prosecutor ask the court to imprison me or not, or put me under home arrest with electronic shackle on my leg, will the witnesses of prosecution come or not, in any case I would like to clarify my position. I am consistent pacifist. Yes, I will always criticize. I am a journalist, I am a pacifist, and I criticize our militarized government indeed, corrupted and irresponsible militarism. But Putin is even greater fool. Putin is attacker, he is guilty. It is a war of Russia against Ukraine. Saying this, I am not going to blame Russian people.

Listen, Russians too don't like war, they are under influence of Russian propaganda in the same way as we have in Ukraine dumb and idiotic Ukrainian propaganda, widely trusted because of its primitivity, the same propaganda in Russia. But Russian mother, as well as Ukrainian mother, don't want to receive death notifications, mothers don't want to send their children to mass killing for the benefit of these oligarchs, for their political and economic interests. I would like to say to all who watch this video: I am a patriot of Ukraine, of my country. But I feel the state intends to throw me into jail, demonstratively, to humiliate all pacifist movement and all people who understand that any war is finishing with peace, after any war, even a long one, there will be a ceasefire.

So, come to your senses! If not me, in any case it will be people, widows, orphans, cripples returning from the frontline, from hospital, and they will ask: who benefit from war, why Zelenskyy amidst escalation of war didn't wanted to find diplomatic solution, and generally is Zelenskyy an independent figure or just a pawn. War will not solve the problem, it will make it more complicated, at the cost of our Ukrainian lives, and in Russia at the cost of Russian lives. Well, I will not talk now about Russia. I already said that Putin is a killer, because he attacked first, and it is indeed not a special operation but a war against Ukraine. But I address our people. We need even to pray for survival of these attackers, Russian soldiers, for their return to home as changed persons with understanding that they were used by politicians. It is essence of Cristianity, and if you don't do it, it is a babbling, not real Christianity. That's I'd like to say. Sorry for being emotional, but it was necessary. I love you all, and I don't fear the prison. Believe in yourself, believe that the war will be ended, and do whatever you can and think how to avoid the killing of people, the living beings similar to us. Good luck!"