Ruslan Kotsaba's statement

Ruslan Kotsaba's statement: "Good day, or evening for all who watch or hear me now. It happened that tomorrow it will be the next court hearing in my trial. In any case, will it end or not, will the prosecutor ask the court to imprison me or not, or put me under home arrest with electronic shackle on my leg, will the witnesses of prosecution come or not, in any case I would like to clarify my position. I am consistent pacifist. Yes, I will always criticize. I am a journalist, I am a pacifist, and I criticize our militarized government indeed, corrupted and irresponsible militarism.

Brussels 29 October 2020 - ECtHR judgement on Russian CO case disregards 53 years of international human rights standards


On the 7th of September 2020 the Grand Chamber panel of the European Court of Human Rights rejected the request to refer the case of Dyagilev v. Russia (no. 49972/16) to the Grand Chamber, thus rendering thejudgement of 10 March 2020 final.

Statement at UN Human Rights Council

High Commissioner    19th June 2018
I wish to address issues in two of the States named in your report – Turkey and the Russian Federation.

Stop the Military Education: A statement of support for the CO Kamal El-ghety

No to Compulsory Military Service Movement supports the Conscientious Objector Kamal El-ghety in his request to be excepted from the compulsory Military Education subject. The universities organization law requires every Egyptian male student to attend a subject on Military Education in order to get his graduation certificate.

Statement of conscientious objectors’ groups from eastern Mediterranean region

We are conscientious objectors from all around the eastern Mediterranean region. Our region has suffered for so long from oppression, injustice, militarisation, military occupations and wars, as well as poverty, illiteracy, hunger and lack of social infrastructure. In this difficult period, when our region seems to fall even more into the chaos of war, we raise a common voice for peace and against militarisation.

No to Equality in militarism

Statement of the feminist collective TO MOV (Greece) co-signed by the Association of Greek Conscientious Objectors
At a time when the democratic demand is the abolition of compulsory miliraty service, the ministry of Defense, on the contrary, seems to wish the extention of this service to women.

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